All About Our Gold Package!

Are you considering our Gold Package, but want more information? We’ve noticed at Arbor and Bloom Events that our day-of coordination service has been our most popular choice among clients, so we decided to break things down for you! The first thing you should know is that with the Gold Package, the majority of ourContinue reading “All About Our Gold Package!”

It’s All in the Details!

Part 1 – The Ceremony Written by: Megan Adams & Julia Strange In our last blog (“So You are Engaged – Now What?”), we discussed both the first steps in planning your wedding, as well as the most efficient way to prioritize them. While I personally find checking those items off the list exciting, otherContinue reading “It’s All in the Details!”

So, you are Engaged – Now What?

So, you just got engaged! You’re probably thinking, “I’m so excited!”  (or, “I’m so overwhelmed!”). Wedding planning is exciting for some and daunting for others, but one thing we can all agree on is needing to find the best place to start. Written by: Megan Adams & Julia Strange What is step one? Is itContinue reading “So, you are Engaged – Now What?”

Easy ways to Reduce your Wedding & Event Waste

It seems that at the end of the evening for many of the weddings that I coordinate, I am unfortunately spending a lot of time assisting the catering, bar, or venue staff by throwing away hundreds of plastic/Styrofoam plates and even more single-use plastic cups. Further, at the end of the night, we are throwing away dozensContinue reading “Easy ways to Reduce your Wedding & Event Waste”

Not Your Average Back Yard Wedding

Written by: Megan Adams & Jonah Otto Well, you’ve asked and we’ve delivered! In our latest Instagram poll, we asked our followers what you wanted to see out of our next blog, and you resoundingly responded that you want to see more of our exclusive, custom, and affordable work that we take on with ourContinue reading “Not Your Average Back Yard Wedding”

5 Reasons Wedding Venue Coordinators are not the same as Professional day-of Coordinators.

Written by: Jonah Otto & Megan Adams If you are reading a blog about wedding planning, you’re probably pretty far into thinking about wedding prep yourself. And if that’s the case, it’s highly likely that you feel like your drowning in a sea of wedding-specific terminology and lingo. So much so that it can beContinue reading “5 Reasons Wedding Venue Coordinators are not the same as Professional day-of Coordinators.”

Lauren + Ben’s Perfect Day

Have a taste for the timeless? Let’s talk about how Arbor & Bloom Events helped make this couple’s day both classic and beautiful! All photos in this blog post were taken and supplied by Peter Gubernat Photography At Arbor and Bloom Events, we believe that all weddings begin and end with the couple – that everyContinue reading “Lauren + Ben’s Perfect Day”

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