Not Your Average Back Yard Wedding

Written by: Megan Adams & Jonah Otto

Well, you’ve asked and we’ve delivered!

In our latest Instagram poll, we asked our followers what you wanted to see out of our next blog, and you resoundingly responded that you want to see more of our exclusive, custom, and affordable work that we take on with our clients. And why are we here if not for you? Just like our clients that collaborate with us for their weddings – we are giving you exactly what you want, another Arbor & Bloom Events wedding spotlight!

We all know that variety is the spice of life, so we’ve decided to mix it up from our last wedding spotlight to show you something completely on the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum. In our first blog we highlighted an urban wedding experience that expertly captured that minimalist and post-industrial look and feel. In this post, we feature a rural and rustic wedding that reflects a simpler aesthetic while also feeling current, comfortable, accessible, and of course, absolutely gorgeous.

The day began with the ladies safely sequestered in the guest house on the property. Here they had their hair and makeup done (makeup by Jenny Riley). This beautiful house decorated by the bride’s father was an amazing backdrop for the early moments of the day. From details to natural lighting, there wasn’t one thing out of place.

For this lovely central Indiana wedding, we were brought on board pretty late to the process (just 4 months before the big day!). With a compressed timeline for this particular wedding, the bride and groom were really feeling the pressure. Luckily, the couple took stock of the situation and made the right call to bring in A&BE in order to tie up all of the loose ends, and make sure that every detail was accounted for. We were able to quickly turn the ship around make sure that their planning burden was minimal. We are always happy to join our clients at any stage of the process so that we can take the load off of their shoulders, allowing the newlyweds-to-be to spend their big day focusing on what’s really important, each other.

Once all the ladies and gentlemen were ready we made our way to the first look. Just look at this beautiful bride.

For our first look moment, the porch provided a wonderful cover and an airy back drop for our photographer, Hannah Crabb, to capture the joy and love these two have for each other.

For this near full planning package, we worked closely with the couple to capture their exact vision for their wedding – paying close attention to every detail in order to nail that rustic chic aesthetic with an element of class and the unexpected. This allowed them to delicately tiptoe the line between formal and fun, keeping a casual feel while still inserting classic elements and keeping true to the importance of the day.  The meadow and countryside made for the perfect outdoor ceremony and the barn perfectly encapsulated the classic wedding feel that the bride was really going for.  I mean, just look at this altar!!!! That wrought iron and greenery combo steals the show!

Some of the elements featured on this special day were furnished by their family business including the arbor, the furniture on the property, and fabulous chandelier featured later in this article. The arbor was beautifully decorated and all flowers were designed and provided by Laurilyn Farms.

While the beauty and elegance were certainly present at this wedding, it was also important that there be a spirit of the fun and unexpected for their day so that their personalities could really shine through.  Nowhere was this more evident than with the inclusion of their adorable pup! If you know of a more perfect addition to a ceremony, name it!  Again, working with the florists, we were able to make sure that this pup was perfectly accessorized for the occasion and looking perfect for all of the pictures.  

Since their dog is an important part of their lives, we were happy to work with them to include their pet in their big day!  Another fun element was the use of Chomp’z Food Truck, a local food truck to cater the reception.  Not only did this give a punch of much needed energy and spunk to the day, but, my goodness, did it deal out some delicious food for all of the impressed guests!

For what was one of most stunning visuals from the day, let’s give some particular attention to this absolutely jaw-dropping flower wall provided by Blue Blossom Rentals!  Providing a magnificently elegant backdrop for countless photos, this flower wall served as the perfect touch for this couple’s wedding and the photographer did not waste the opportunity one bit.  

Their wedding album will no doubt have dozens of captured moments in front of this timeless backdrop.  But would you like to know a secret that only a small handful of people knew that day? The flowers in the flower wall are not real!  Based on our recommendation, the couple saved a fortune by using incredibly realistic-looking fake flowers for this element.  Without sacrificing the slightest bit in beauty and grace, this couple was also able to save their wallet!  Here at A&BE, we are always committed to finding smart ways to save you money without giving up quality!

Now quickly, let’s turn our attention to this amazing barn. Throughout the year the family actually uses this as their gym space, but they cleared it out in anticipation of the big day. From their business they borrowed this beautiful chandelier. They also hung festoon lights and we worked with a rental company to hang drapes over the entrances. In order to accommodate the full guest count we worked with A Classic Party Rentals and tented the other entrance to create a continuous flow for all of our guests. A Classic also provided all of our chairs, table, linens, drapes, and plates. We love working with them!

The overall mood of the wedding was drawn together by strong autumnal colors and themes, giving the entire day a feeling of warmth and love in a rustic chic atmosphere. A big thank you again to Laurilyn Farms and A Classic Party Rentals, they were absolutely instrumental in establishing the tone for this wedding experience.  Making use of their locally grown flowers, this local, Indiana, female-owned and operated florist did excellent job of bringing the couple’s dreams to life. From the altar, to the centerpieces at the reception, to the boutonnieres and bouquets for the wedding party – Laurilyn was just at the top of their game.  

Another stunning visual was this cake. Carmel Classic Cakes provided us with this 4-tiered masterpiece, then we added floral and it became the center of the room.

To top off the evening, dad surprised our bride with an emotional photo montage during their first dance. It was a night to remember. This crew had no problems dancing the night away.

As you can see, there is no wedding or event that is outside of our expertise, even if you’re working with a compressed timeline!  No matter what your style and taste, we’ve got the ability to deliver – bringing you exactly the day that you’ve always dreamed of!  From our experience producing dozens of different wedding aesthetics to our relationships with the hands-down best vendors in the game, we’ve got the tools and know-how to bring incredible value and quality to your wedding day or major event.  Even if you are running short on time, we are devoted to saving you time, money, energy, and stress.  Contact us today to help make your big day exactly what you want with no added fuss!

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